Outsmarting the Trucking Reptile at Trial - FULL SEMINAR or INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS ON SALE!!

The DRI Trucking Law Committee presented an advanced workshop for trial lawyers, senior claims examiners, and industry professionals dedicated to the defense of the Reptile Theory. This unique workshop provides practical techniques for conquering reptile cases in all areas of practice. You will learn what to consider in your answer, discovery, depositions, pre-trial motions, voir dire, examination of witnesses, and closing arguments at trial. The program is by the foremost trucking defense trial lawyers and world-renowned Reptile Theory expert, Bill Kanasky, Jr., PhD, of Courtroom Sciences, Inc.

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Contact DRI Education Coordinator Johnny Brown at jbrown@dri.org or 312.698.6212.

Standard: $200.00


Welcome & Introductions / The Reptile: An Overview on Its Misinterpretations and Key Strategies for Identifying the Reptilian Approach

Identification: S1

While the Reptile Theory has been widely discussed in trucking litigation, pervasive misunderstanding of the reptilian approach has caused some practitioners to fail to see the strategy being employed by opposing counsel until it is too late. This session will bring clarity to the fundamental understanding of what “the reptile” is and how to know that you have a reptile case.

Standard: $40.00

Written Discovery and the Reptilian Lawsuit: Answering Written Discovery and Using Those Answers to Repel the Plaintiff

Identification: S2

Seasoned trucking litigators know that written discovery can create a minefield of issues as plaintiff’s lawyers seek irrelevant and sometimes non-existent documents. The reptile plaintiff is looking to secure the foundation of its case against the defendant early and often, making initial written discovery an easy trap for the unwitting trucking attorney and carrier. Learn how to approach written discovery in the reptile case to protect your client and send a clear message to opposing counsel.

Standard: $40.00

Defending the 30(b)(6) Deposition from the Reptile Plaintiff

Identification: S3

The 30(b)(6) deposition of the trucking company representative is recognized as being of utmost importance in the defense of a trucking lawsuit. But, preparing the 30(b)(6) representative for a reptilian style deposition, and defending that deposition effectively, requires the defense lawyer to possess unique and specific skills. This comprehensive and critical discussion will focus on how to identify the right 30(b) (6) witness for a reptile deposition, prepare the deponent, defend the deposition, and protect the record for trial.

Standard: $40.00

Keep the Reptile Away: Effectively Drafting and Arguing Motions in Limine to Prevent the Reptile from Reaching the Jury Box

Identification: S4

Motions in limine can be the last, best tool to keep the Reptile Theory from making it to the jury. To be effective, reptile-focused motions in limine must be clear, specific as to the evidence to be excluded, and sufficiently founded in law to be persuasive. This session will present practical tips for drafting effective motions in limine, including presenting exemplar motions that will be instructive in all jurisdictions.

Standard: $40.00

Effective Voir Dire in the Reptilian Era: Thwarting the Reptile - How to Defend Against the Reptile When Picking a Jury in a Trucking Lawsuit

Identification: S5

Any seasoned trucking trial lawyer knows that voir dire is often the most important part of a jury trial. The Reptile Theory underscores the importance of effectively using voir dire to counteract a plaintiff’s reptile strategy strategically. More than others, the trucking industry is highly susceptible to the reptile in jury selection, because everyone has interacted with a truck on the road at some point in time. This session will go over the science of how to rebut the reptile in voir dire, how to pose specific questions tailored for the defense, and how to do the same in federal court.

Standard: $40.00

Too Late: Everything You Needed to Know About Reptile at Trial, but Didn’t

Identification: S6

From opening to closing, and everything in between, this session will engage attendees in an advanced discussion of crucial trial techniques in a trucking case. Opening statements in a trucking trial set the theme for the defense of the entire case, and this session will discuss those critical “can’t-miss” points to be included in every opening involving the reptile. This session will also address successful direct and cross-examination techniques to make the reptile argument less effective. Finally, the panel of speakers will discuss how to present a persuasive closing argument in the face of the reptile.

Standard: $40.00