The Medicare Secondary Payer Act and accompanying regulations and procedures continue to evolve and take shape. Courts’ recent interpretations and applications of the Act have clarified some aspects of this complicated field, while simultaneously creating confusion in other respects. This program will provide the latest developments in MSP case law, as well as the current status of procedural requirements incumbent on lawyers and liability carriers. We will also offer commentary on the most recent case developments involving the application of the Affordable Care Act to reduce damages exposures for future medical expenses in liability cases, recovery rights of Medicare Advantage Organizations, and CMS’ views on Liability MSAs.


  • How the judiciary has addressed Medicare Secondary Payer issues
  • How to settle cases in compliance with Medicare Secondary Payer law
  • How to achieve finality in cases with Medicare beneficiaries
  • How to resolve cases involving conflicts between the Medicare Secondary Payer Act and state law
  • How to avoid claims for double damages under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act’s private right of action