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Program Overview

Best practices in the Medicare world continue to evolve! While this program updates of our traditional Best Practices program, speakers will spend significant time of new tips based on current events in the MSP world. Attendees will learn cutting edge MSP risk management techniques from attorneys who are highly skilled in MSP issues. Both speakers are former Chairs of DRI’s MSP Task Force, and bring together their experience addressing conditional payment exposure, Medicare Set-Aside (or future medical) exposure and Section 111 reporting questions. After 90 minutes, your organization will be better protected from the federal government by implementing their advice.


Who Should Attend

  • Claims professionals handling workers’ compensation, automobile, liability insurance (including self-insurance) or no-fault claims involving Medicare enrolled beneficiaries;
  • Attorneys who represent insurance carriers or self-insureds that have cases involving Medicare enrolled beneficiaries;
  • Risk managers who want to implement legal best practices into your MSP protocols;
  • C-Suite executives seeking to bolster your organization’s bottom line with more consistent and realistic MSP protocols; and
  • Plaintiff attorneys who wish to better understand why claim adjustors and opposing counsel ask them the Medicare-related questions that they do.

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify the risks associated with managing a claim involving a Medicare enrolled beneficiary;
  • How to extinguish Medicare conditional payment and Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) exposure;
  • How to settle a claim with Medicare issues;
  • How to draft a proper release that addresses all MSP issues; and
  • How to make sure a closed file will remain closed.


Bruce A. Cranner

Bruce A. Cranner is a partner of Talley, Anthony, Hughes and Knight. He is an experienced litigator in the firm’s Medical Malpractice and Healthcare and Products Liability Practice Areas. Mr. Cranner is best known for his work in complex and complicated healthcare cases, serving both as a litigator and as an advisor for clients ranging from physicians and hospitals to long term care facilities. He also frequently represents medical professionals and hospital and facility owners and operators in litigation and before licensing boards and in commercial and business litigation.

John V. Cattie, Jr.

John V. Cattie, Jr. received his BA from the University of North Carolina and his JD/MBA from Villanova University. A former Chair of DRI’s MSP Task Force, Cattie is the founding member of Cattie, P.L.L.C. His law firm is dedicated to extinguishing a client’s future medical exposure under the MSP Act. He focuses his law practice on providing legal advice to comply with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act.

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