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The Supreme Court of Illinois has approved this webinar for 1.50 CLE Hours.

Program Overview

This interactive webinar will discuss how to use social media to create an on-line presence, make and maintain contacts with current clients, and identify and research potential clients, and generally develop new business. Attendees will understand how to navigate social media platforms including Linked In, Twitter and others, and avoid liabilities that can arise from on-line marketing including false advertising or inadvertently advertising in other markets. Finally, you will learn the benefits of organizational sites like IDC and DRI, including creating and maintaining a profile and online marketing.

Who Should Attend

  • Attorneys who are undertaking client development activities and seeking to establish or enhance their online presence.
  • Managing partners or members of their law firms seeking to understand and limit the risks their firms can face as a result of social media.
  • Attorneys who are responsible for maintaining and/or increasing their firms’ and other attorneys’ on-line presence.

What You Will Learn

  • How to create and maintain an online presence that will increase your network and business development activity.
  • How to identify and pursue new clients using social media.
  • How to maintain current clients using social media.
  • How to manage risks while still encouraging on-line presence.


Stacy D. FulcoStacy D. Fulco is a partner at Cremer, Spina, Shaughnessy, Jansen & Siegert, LLC in Chicago, Illinois. Her practice focuses on the defense of litigation in the areas of premises liability, product liability, transportation litigation, pharmacy law, security issues, wrongful death, property subrogation and appellate law. Stacy has extensive experience handling business disputes before suit, during discovery and motion practice, in all forms of alternative dispute resolution, as well as through trial and appeal. Stacy is an active member of IDC, DRI and CLM. She is a regular speaker and author through IDC, DRI and CLM and she is the author of a retail, restaurant and hospitality log blog, www.stacyfulco.com.

Steven M. PuiszisSteven M. Puiszis, a partner with, and deputy general counsel of, Hinshaw & Culbertson is a member of the Hinshaw’s Lawyers for the Professions Practice Group, counseling and defending cases involving ethics, disciplinary and professional liability. Steve is Vice Chair of DRI's Center for Law and Public Policy, and formerly served on DRI's Board of Directors.

Amber VincentAmber Vincent is a partner of Alyn-Weiss & Associates. She creates marketing plans and strategies within law firms to meet overall marketing goals and mend generational communication gaps both in and outside of a firm. In addition to coaching and planning, Amber has trained hundreds of lawyers on how to use LinkedIn and other social media platforms for marketing. She has spoken to a number of legal associations, including the IDC, ABA, DRI, and several global law firm networks.

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