Outsmarting the Trucking Reptile at Trial - FULL SEMINAR or INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS ON SALE!!

S5 - Effective Voir Dire in the Reptilian Era: Thwarting the Reptile - How to Defend Against the Reptile When Picking a Jury in a Trucking Lawsuit

Standard: $40.00


Any seasoned trucking trial lawyer knows that voir dire is often the most important part of a jury trial. The Reptile Theory underscores the importance of effectively using voir dire to counteract a plaintiff’s reptile strategy strategically. More than others, the trucking industry is highly susceptible to the reptile in jury selection, because everyone has interacted with a truck on the road at some point in time. This session will go over the science of how to rebut the reptile in voir dire, how to pose specific questions tailored for the defense, and how to do the same in federal court.


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