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2020 Webinars

dri3533 - Avoiding Hidden Catastrophes – The Healthcare Professional as a Witness

Standard: $150.00
Members: $75.00


Despite significant differences in personalities and emotional expression between healthcare professionals, physician and nursing witnesses are repeatedly dealt with in a universal manner when preparing for depositions in medical malpractice cases, resulting in ineffective, and often damaging, testimony. Amongst physicians, two primary personalities can be identified while nursing staff can similarly be broken down into distinct personalities. Individual healthcare personalities must be identified and uniquely addressed early on from both a cognitive and emotional perspective to avoid destructive testimony that will unnecessarily increase both the value and exposure of the case.

Who Should Attend

  • Trial attorneys who practice in the area of medical malpractice
  • In-house counsel and insurance claims specialists
  • Hospital administration including litigation and risk management

What You Will Learn

  • Identifying specific medical professional personalities
  • Discussing differences between physician and nurse witnesses
  • Cognitive and emotional approach to preparing physician vs nurse witnesses based on individual needs
  • Use of Plaintiff Reptile tactics with medical professional witnesses


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Tracy Kolb
4/9/20 4:22 pm

May I get a copy of the slides for this presentation? Thanks.