DRI 2017 Webinars

DRI3455 - Defending Lead Cases: Strategies and Tactics for a Trending Toxic Tort

Standard: $50.00


Personal injury claims from lead exposure involve very serious allegations of permanent brain injuries to children with huge damage claims. Fueled by the Flint, Michigan crisis, lead lawsuits are rapidly expanding from lead paint claims to alleged lead exposure from drinking water, groundwater, soil, and airborne media. This presentation will highlight the leading cases and current exposure and causation theories. The panel of experienced lead defense trial lawyers will explain the legal and scientific defenses to lead claims and damages. We will also review the complex web of statues and regulations governing lead and how clients can limit risk of lead claims.


  • Steps that defense counsel and their clients can take to limit risk
  • Insight on the shifting legal and regulatory landscape, the latest causation and damage assessments ,and potential remedies involved in lead cases
  • The landscape of lead litigation across the country, focusing on emerging new theories of exposure and liability
  • Defenses that work in lead cases
  • Potential damages related to the cognitive-impairment and future lost earnings of exposed children


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