DRI 2017 Webinars

DRI3454 - Client Development for Small and Mid-Sized Law Firms

Standard: $50.00


As the business of law is evolving, it is critical for small and mid-sized law firms to use of all the weapons in their arsenals, including associates, to attract and retain clients. Listen to the voice of the customer explain why they hire these firms, what they look for in these firms, as well as how to obtain, retain and expand (and maybe win back) those relationships. We will also discuss the need to understand your business, techniques to increase your business, and how to engage reluctant marketers at your firm.


  • How to develop a pipeline of business developers
  • How to identify your target clients and what is important to them, including industry trends, diversity, and cost constraints
  • How to create client relationship management systems
  • How to improve the use of communications on social media to create meaningful connections with clients
  • The importance of offering new ways of doing business, including partnering with larger firms to provide cost effective means to handle discovery or to take on smaller matters within a larger representation


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