2018 DRI Webinars

DRI3456 - Avoiding Claims of Negligent Hiring, Supervision, or Retention Can Draw Hospitals into Abuse Cases

Standard: $50.00


When a hospital, (or other healthcare facility), employee is accused of a criminal act, be it sexual assault or physical abuse, plaintiff’s attorneys will almost always attempt to formulate a theory of liability against the hospital in order name the deep pocketed employer as a defendant.

This webinar will discuss the common scenarios which occur in a hospital that can give rise to such claims. It will also discuss steps that hospitals can take in order to avoid being vulnerable to such claims, how to investigate the claims, and how to challenge the claims legally.


  • Typical Incidents that give rise to such claims.
  • Best practices to employ in order to prevent such a claims.
  • How to properly investigate the claim immediately after the incident occurs.
  • Legal strategies to employ in defense of such claims.


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