2018 DRI Webinars

DRI3464 - What to Do When You Get the Call: The Do’s and Dont's of a Catastrophic Loss Response

Standard: $50.00


This “Lunch and Learn” webinar will explore what attorneys and claims specialists need to address when they get “the call” that their client’s driver has been involved in a catastrophic accident. Panelists will discuss how to prepare for “the call,” how to put a responsive plan into motion, basics on scene inspection and preservation of evidence, how to protect the driver, interaction with local authorities, witnesses, and the media and ensuring compliance with federal regulations, such as post-accident inspections and mandatory drug/alcohol testing.


  • How to prepare for a catastrophic loss response, including a team of attorneys, investigators, experts and a comprehensive “emergency response kit”;
  • Preservation of evidence/avoidance of spoliation claims;
  • How to protect the driver and handle driver issues, including potential criminal implications, conflicts, applicable federal requirements;
  • How to interact at the scene, including with the police, witnesses and media.


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