2018 DRI Webinars

DRI3467 - Measuring the Value of Medical Services in Personal Injury Suits

Standard: $50.00


This webinar will provide guidance on the appropriate methodology to measure the value of medical services in personal injury suits. We will discuss why the approach typically taken by life care planners in personal injury suits is incorrect and does not account for how payments are made in the healthcare marketplace. While most life care planners rely on billed charges to establish the value of healthcare services, providers’ charges do not reflect what is actually paid for care. In fact, billed charges are almost never paid, and providers willingly accept less (sometimes substantially less) than charges. The presenters will describe these issues and how the issues are addressed in personal injury lawsuits.


  • An understanding of what charges represent in the healthcare marketplace
  • A high level overview of the approaches used to pay healthcare providers
  • Reasonable approaches to calculating payments for healthcare services in the context of personal injury lawsuits


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