DRI 2016 Webinars

DRI3402 - Protecting the Company and Client: Agency Inspections and Criminal Prosecution

Apr 26, 2016 12:00pm ‐ Apr 26, 2016 1:00pm

Standard: $50.00


On September 9, 2015, Sally Yates, Deputy Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice, released a memo entitled “Individual Accounting for Corporate Wrongdoing,” directing all U.S. attorneys to be increasingly vigilant in pursuing individuals potentially involved in corporate crimes. The Yates Memo is likely to change the way companies approach agency investigations, since it dictates that “[b]oth criminal and civil corporate investigations should focus on individuals from the inception of the investigation.” This webinar will focus on the impact on the roles of in-house and outside counsel with the threat of criminal prosecution looming large.


  • How to prepare for and respond to an agency inspection
  • How to protect the company during and after an agency inspection
  • The ethical issues involved when corporate executives may be criminal targets


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