2018 DRI Webinars

DRI3473 - Reverse and Mutual Mentoring for Lawyers: The How and Why

Nov 15, 2018 11:30am ‐ Nov 15, 2018 12:30pm


Is reverse mentoring, which is typically thought of as having younger workers help those who are older, and mutual mentoring where younger and older worker mentor one another something that can work with lawyers and law firms?

In fact, there are many uses and advantages of reverse and, more importantly, mutual mentoring, especially in the legal profession. This webinar will dive in to how and whether more experienced lawyers should not only consider mentoring younger workers, but also having younger workers help and mentor those with more experience.

Certainly the benefits for both sides could be enormous especially considering the disruption occurring in the legal profession, the onslaught of changes that will impact the manner of how we work and the enhanced need for communication and understating between generations.


  • What reverse and mutual mentoring entails, how to initiate and practice it, and what can be learned from
  • Why mutual may be an optimum solution for forming relationships that enhance and speed on the job training and satisfaction
  • How to adopt a reverse and mutual mentoring plan


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